8 December 2015, Tuesday
Tatar criticizes Greek Cypriot Side
The National Unity Party’s Lefkoşa Deputy Ersin Tatar has accused the Greek Cypriot Administration of trying to force the Turkish Cypriot Side to make concessions on the Cyprus Issue.

He said that the Greek Cypriots were trying to do this without giving Turkish Cypriots anything in exchange.

Issuing a written statement, the UBP Deputy underlined the need for the Turkish Cypriot Side to show more caution in protecting its rights against the Greek Cypriot Side’s deceptive games.

“The Greek Cypriot Side continues its attacks on the rights of the Turkish Cypriot people as it has done so in the past. They continue to impose all sorts of embargoes and isolations on the Turkish Cypriots and prevent the implementation of confidence building measures” he added.

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