7 December 2015, Monday
Bozkir: "Solution to Cyprus is near"
Turkish EU Minister and Chief Negotiator Volkan Bozkır said there is a possibility that a referendum may be held for the Cyprus solution process at the end of May 2016.

Turkish EU Minister Bozkır said in Brussels that the referendum for the reunification of Cyprus could be held in March 2016 if everything was going on track, but stressed that in the event of any setback in resolving the decades-long Cyprus issue, Turkey’s EU membership process will not be hampered.

“Even if a problem occurs in the reunification of Cyprus, it will not stop the momentum that we have captured in the EU process. South Cyprus will also understand this time and the EU will persuade it to understand this matter if it doesn’t do so,” Bozkır told a group of journalists amid talks with senior EU officials in Brussels.

Mr. Bozkır recalled that a U.N. peace plan deemed as the best shot to reunify the island was rejected by Greek Cypriots in a 2004 referendum.

Soon after their no vote the South of Cyprus was rewarded with EU membership while the Turkish Cypriots, who overwhelmingly voted for the blueprint, were left out in the cold.

He said currently the solution process in Cyprus was at a point where hopes for a solution were very promising.

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