30 October 2015, Friday
GC Minister announces new Cypriot airliner in a couple of months
According to reports in GC press, GC Communications Minister Demetriades has said that a new Cypriot airliner will be operational after a couple of months.

The new airline, Tus Airways, received its operator’s certificate and is waiting for final clearance so that it can operate in the next few months. Tus Airways, which has headquarters in Larnaca will start with short haul flights to neighbouring countries.

This is the first Cypriot airliner since Cyprus Airways folded. Demetriades said the airlines will fly to Greece, Lebanon, Israel and Egypt as a first off. He said their fleet is ready and consists of two small planes – a Saab 340 and Saab 2000 which are both twin-engined high-speed turboprop airliners built by Swedish firm Saab.

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