30 October 2015, Friday
Akansoy said he did not become a minister in order to 'mess around'
Newly appointed Interior Minister Asim Akansoy who spoke to Vatan Mehmet at KIBRIS POSTASI first said that he did not become a minister in order ‘mess around’.

Asked how the ministry position came about, Akansoy said it was ‘sudden’ and put forward as a duty by the party which he was obliged to accept.  Responding to speculations that the change in cabinet came because of the upcoming UBP congress in mind, Akansoy said that this was a UBP mentality and tradition. He said he had not become a minister in order to do politics.

Akansoy touched on domestic issues and internal politics and explained that on Monday the ‘white ID’ would be implemented which would affect 39,000 people.

On local councils, Akansoy said that 28 municipalities were too many and it was important to discuss how to make them more effective.

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