21 October 2015, Wednesday
Journalist claims issues and fraud in 'project of the century'
According to a report by Ulas Baris in KIBRIS POSTASI today, Turkish reporter Sertac Aktan, who has been reporting EU-Turkey process as a journalist rom Brussels from years, tweeted that there will be issues in the water pipeline project inaugurated last Saturday 17 October.

Aktan who previously worked for NTV news channel and the BBC, is claiming that the pipes do not have the suction system needed to release air inside the pipes and this was one of the biggest inadequacies of the project.

Aktan said there are claims that the lack of this system will result in the diminished flow of the water thus leading to issues. Aktan said that each of the suction pads cost 10,000 Euro and the pipeline needed 170 of them. The only place the suction pads existed was in the pipes on land and not underwater.

The journalist said there were other claims that the pipes laid in Cyprus had been brought from China by someone ‘close to the government’; ductile piping had to be used and these were expensive even though they were manufactured in Turkey. Instead of purchasing them in Turkey they were brought from China, he claimed.

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