21 October 2015, Wednesday
Doctor blames Health Ministry officials with 'intent to kill'
Chest Diseases Specialist Doctor Dr Mustafa Akansoy has blamed the Health Ministry officials with ‘intent to kill’.

The report by Filiz Seyis in KIBRIS POSTASI notes that in a statement from his social media account, Dr Akansoy said that 3 months ago, the Health Ministry ordered that those in need of the ‘BIPAP’ pressurized breathing machine which could be used at home, would no longer be given this service. The ministry said that it was not in their rules and regulations to provide this service. Akansoy said the rules were written 25-30 years ago and this machine did not exist then.

He continues on to say that he would not have ever thought the Health Ministry would create such difficulties for sick patients. Akansoy said that a patient suffering from COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) was unable to receive this BIPAP machine because the ministry had banned the use at home and therefore has been unable to leave the hospital. He went on to explain that this patient could die without the use of this machine for 24 hours; however the longer he stays in hospital the more likely he is to catch a hospital infection. Akansoy asked who would be responsible if this man died.

Akansoy criticised Health Minister Izbul who had recently been operated on in Turkey and called on the health ministry to take measures with regards to this patient until Friday otherwise he would be filing a criminal report against them.

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