20 October 2015, Tuesday
One hour difference with Turkey for 2 weeks as of 25 October
Whilst the TRNC changes the clocks with the rest of the world on Sunday 25 October, Turkey will remain at the same time until 8 November due to elections on November 1st thus creating an hour’s difference between the two countries for two weeks.

Meryem Ekinci reporting the story for KIBRIS POSTASI spoke with the Civil Aviation Authority and the TC Bankers Association with regards to the implementation and what it will mean for air travel and banking services. Both bodies said that there would not be a problem; however locals are apprehensive about it and believe it will lead to difficulties especially in air travel.

Head of the Civil Aviation Authorities told the paper that the decision by the Council of Minister to remain in the same implementation as the rest of the world was based on their view. Before making any decision, the Prime Ministry consulted with the CAA who said that technically they did not envisage a problem. All their foreign representations had informed airlines of the implementation.

Meanwhile the General Secretary of the TC Bankers Association, Halil Okur said that the Council of Ministers also consulted them as to the possible difficulties to which they said that there would be no banking problems here. He said they carried out technical studies and believed that customers would not suffer.

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