7 October 2015, Wednesday
Denktas:"BESKI has no financial power or knowledge to run water"
Main opposition leader Serdar Denktas has broken his silence with regards to the most discussed water pipeline project.

Denktas pointed to the model he had proposed when he was part of the coalition government. “Let’s separate the regions; lets us tender for the administration of the water by region” adding that the local councils company could also be a part of this model. Speaking to KIBRIS POSTASI, Denktas said it was time to stop arguing about the project adding that financial power and know how were important in running it.

Denktas noted that one part of the government was all for handing over the water project to the local councils, saying that they were able to do it. However he believed that BESKI would only be fully equipped enough to carry out this work in 20 years’ time because they did not have the technical knowledge nor did they have the financial capacity.

Vatan Mehmet who reported the story notes that in Denktas’s opinion Turkey only invested in this project because they believed in a private company running it.  

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