9 April 2015, Thursday
Better the pilot you know...

As we are descending to land on the very bumpy tarmac of ‘Presidential Election Airport’, I am wondering who I would prefer to be the Captain pilot of this very risky and crucial final approach.

We have put many of the candidate pilots in the simulator in the past few weeks. If we haven’t done so we have seen our colleagues test them under extreme circumstances.

And from what I have seen they all fail under pressure and they have the possibility of crashing and burning while we are in the back on the plane trying to eat our microwave heated sandwiches.

Looking at the flight simulator reports about the candidates the choice is obvious really. But let’s be fair and go through their files. 

Starting from the most junior pilot of the four Captain Pilot Kudret Ozersay lacks the flight hours one would expect to see to hand over the jumbo jet he is claiming to be able land it successfully. However looking back a bit we see that Captain Özersay was only a flight attendant, a very popular one I must say, but being in air the for a long time doesn’t count as flight hours as a pilot. When it comes to pressure Mr Ozersay picks up the microphone and goes “Ladies and Gentlemen. Welcome to our flight. You better let me land the plane because I am the best. You’ll see” When you are in a God knows how many tonnes weighing airplane going a few hundred miles an hour, the line “I am the best” simply doesn’t work for you.

Looking at Captain Pilot Sibel Siber’s File we see that she also lacks the flight miles. Ok some one has put her in the cockpit and has left the controls to her in mid air in the past, but landing a jumbo is completely something else.

To land a plane safely you don’t need new energy and you cant go one and say, “This will be the first” you will cause a riot in the back of the plane made up of people trying to full fill their last wishes before they kiss the tarmac.

And here come Captain Pilot Mustafa Akıncı. We knew him from a decade ago when he left the plane in mid air and jumped out with a parachute over the United States air space. Ok he has the flight time but technology has developed, the aeroplanes have developed over the time he has been away. On top of all that he going on and saying that if he isn’t the one to land the plane he has his parachute packed and will not serve in aviation if he is not the one with the controls in his hand during this landing.

And the final file to look at.

Captain Derviş Eroğlu was the pilot that was at the wheel when the plane took off in the first place. He has the airtime. Maybe a little to many hours in the air; however it has been a smooth ride.

Ok he hasn’t been on the microphone going on about the weather and stuff, making silly jokes that passengers like.

He has been keeping his eye on the monitors and steering the plane in and out of bad weather conditions without disrupting the comfort of the passengers behind.

To be honest with you people. I prefer the pilot I know to land this lump of steel, a pilot who will not go all Red Bull Aerobatic on us when the push comes to the shove.

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