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Tourism Union head Tolun says drop in tourists not rise like indicated
The TC Tourism Agents Union president Orhan Tolun has noted the drop in hotel occupancy rate despite the statement by the Ministry contradicting this.

Speaking to Deniz Abidin from KIBRIS POSTASI, Tolun said that there was a fall of 20% of foreign tourists and a drop of 40% of tourists from the UK. He pointed out that in general hotel occupancy there was a fall of 10% and the only increase in tourists were the ones from Turkey; the reason for this was that the 5 star hotels had excellent advertising.

Tolun said the rise in the foreign currency exchange negatively affected tourists from Turkey because the marketplace also increased their prices. Foreign tourists however were not as affected as they got more Turkish Lira for their currency.

Tolun said the Tourism Ministry recently announced that there had been an increase in tourism slightly compared to July last year; however students and their families were also accepted as tourists which meant the figure was misleading. Workers from the Far East who came to the island for work were also counted as tourists which was a misconception.

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