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KITOB announces hotel occupancy for May as 61%; increase from 2014
The TC Hoteliers Union KITOB has announced the hotel occupancy rate for May as 61%. Compared to May 2014 there is a 6% increase for the same time.

The union said that 5 star hotels reported a capacity of 70% for May whilst smaller hotels announced a 52% capacity.

The union released a statement assessing the occupancy rates and said that the lack of advertising and promotion, the failure to give incentives on transportation for tour operators as well as the crisis in Russia have all had identifying factors in the figures. The statement went on to say that the drop in tourists from the UK between the dates of January-April 2015 from 16% to 10% showed a loss of custom.

The statement went on to say that whilst all this negativity ensued how was it that the smaller hotels had shown an increase. According to research, tourists from Turkey who wanted a rest as well as to play in the casinos were opting for the smaller hotels closer to the city centre; these tourists had also found fair priced tickets for the same period.

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