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North Cyprus is beautiful but polluted say tourists
North Cyprus is a holiday destination for tourists mostly coming from Europe looking for sunshine, sandy beaches and history.

North Cyprus is a holiday destination for tourists mostly coming from Europe looking for sunshine, sandy beaches and history.

However most of them are disappointed by the fact that natural and historical attractions of north Cyprus covered with rubbish. Eniz Orakçıoğlu and Beran Dağtaş of Kıbrıs Postası interviewed the tourists visiting Kyrenia’s Old Harbour over the weekend.

While all of the tourists acknowledged the beauty of touristic sites in the country they also expressed their disappointments due to the unpleasant odour and scenery caused by piles of rubbish both on the walkways and in the sea.

Francis Borst (Netherlands): “Island is beautiful with its mountains and beaches. We are coming from Netherlands , this is our first visit to Cyprus. Generally its a beautiful place but the rubbish around the Harbour is really bad, there are plastic bottles even in the sea.”

Leo Borst (Netherlands): “This place is wonderful and everyone needs to visit but the environmental pollution overshadows its beauty. We chose north Cyprus as our holiday destination this year but we are deeply saddened by the state of the environment.”

William Campbell (Scotland): “ I have been coming to north Cyprus for holidays for the last 25-30 years. When I first started to visit there were soldiers everywhere. That has changed, but now another problem emerged: pollution. We have trouble strolling in the Old Harbour due to the holes on the walkway and piles of rubbish laying around the castle.”

Montse (Spain): “We have a 50 years old friendship with a Cypriot friend and she finally convinced us to visit. Today is our first day. Everything so far is nice but we will see.”

Francisco (Spain): “We are staying in south and we came to visit north side of the Island during our holiday. If we like it we will be back soon.”

Pauline Dyson (England): “We have been to north Cyprus couple of times before. We prefer north as it is not as commercialized as south. But the scene with rubbish everywhere, especially when you consider the historical and cultural value of these sites it is really sad to see that touristic places are not properly managed.”

Angela Dyson (England): “As my mum said, the pollution in this beautiful place creates a sad contradiction. We love north Cyprus but we really started to be bothered by the pollution. In my opinion if conscientious objection is accepted here and people would be given an option for social services instead of military service, there will be lots of human resources for environmental cleaning. I think that would be the best for this country”.

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