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Hüseyin Aktığ: "Solution will create a boom in Tourism "
President of North Cyprus Hoteliers Association (KITOB) Hüseyin Aktığ: "Solution will create a boom in Tourism".It is evident that the newly resumed talks and the possibility of a solution set the TRNC tourism sector in motion.

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The report by The Cyprus Peace Divident Revisited which predicts a 2 billion Euro growth in tourism sector in the next 20 years, is received with excitement by KITOB.

The president of KITOB (North Cyprus Hoteliers Association ) Hüseyin Aktığ said  solution will create a boom in tourism. 

Noting that tourism is the destiny of the Island Aktığ said “Opening of Ercan Airport and Famagusta Port to international transportation and opening of Varosha will lead to a serious touristic activity”

Aktığ, also stressed the point that there are lots to be done regarding the tourism sector.

In north Cyprus the number of tourists in 2009 was 370 thousand, this number has increased by 100 percent by 2013 and reached 800 thousand. The sector's size increased from 400 million dollars to 700 million dollars. This positive trend is expected to increase further in case of a solution.

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