Forgive us my son
“I’ve just found out that his name was Aylan. Nobody may not have found out his name had his father not survived… if that’s what you want to call it. He should have been playing in the sand and building sandcastles; he sh...
Cars, dustbins and dog poo! Yes one night on De...
Oh I seem to be on a role this week! Two articles within a space of days! Well I have a lot to bitch about so why stop now… The other evening I decided to take my aunt who is visiting from London, to dinner in north Nicosia. As their house...
I want to tell you a horror story that happened eight (or was it seven? I am not counting) years ago. It is the story of how my mother Zehra suddenly became very ill and passed away within four weeks. The tell tale signs that she was ill were the...
A land where nothing is certain
Cyprus is a land where there is a constant and incessant drifting between present, past and future. Future is ambiguous, past is nostalgic. Time has a special connotation for habitants of this geography. Where is home??? Trauma, memory, misery, ...
To spare a thought...
As a mother, grandmother and full time lawyer, life is far from routine or repetitive, with new events and challenges each and every day, dealing with the endless issues that arise. But working with the Refugees Rights Association frequently pushe...
Taliya Khafizou
My vision of Cyprus - Island of Sufism
This time I would like to share with dear Readers ones of my innermost impressions that have formed my vision of North Cyprus.   To my mind, Cyprus is closely correlated with the concept of Sufism, which has influenced the mentality and spi...
Karl Maloney Yorgancı
Difficult Paths
Unfortunately, the world we live in is full of horror, full of barbaric acts and full of bloodshed. However, when a terrible event takes place at a location you are close to or familiar with, the effect it has on you is greater. The first thought ...
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