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Turkey to halt further transfers of troops to Mosul after Baghdad protested deployment
Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu sent a letter to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi late Sunday in which he emphasized Turkey's commitment to cooperation with Iraq, saying "We will not deploy more troops to Bashika until your concerns about the matter are eased."

According to the statement released by the Prime Ministry, Davutoğlu informed his Iraqi counterpart about the military training program in progress in Bashika, duties and activities of Turkish soldiers and current developments about the matter.

Saying that Turkey is committed to the integrity and sovereignty of Iraq, "Turkey will not take a step against this principle," he added.

In the letter, Turkish premier also added that Turkey will continue to support Iraq in fighting against Daesh terrorist organization. "We want to further and deepen our coordination with the Iraqi government in the fight against terror," Davutoğlu added in the letter.

"We should not let those disturbed about our cooperation reach their targets," he concluded.

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