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Have Turkish poisonous tomatoes been sold to the GC side
According to a report in KIBRIS POSTASI today, producers had objected to tomatoes which had been imported from Turkey to the TRNC claiming that the tomatoes were not ‘safe’ as they had been detected to have ‘pesticides’.

The Health Ministry announced that according to their checks, more than the necessary requirement of pesticide had been detected on beans, grapes and pomegranate. A reliable source told KIBRIS POSTASI newspaper however that the tomatoes in question had been sold to the GC side over the Green Line Regulation with permission from the TC Chamber of Commerce.

The source claimed that the Chamber allowed the tomatoes to be sold to the south where it had entered their market. The source said that this was a trust shaking incident.

Meanwhile, according to a report in PHILELEFTEROS recently, it was claimed that the GC National Guard was being fed Turkish tomatoes and claimed that Turkish tomatoes were being sold there. The same report indicated that a farmers union known as EVROAGROTIKOS has claimed that the TC Chamber of Commerce document allowed 16 tonnes of tomatoes across the Green Line and that it was not possible for these tomatoes to have been produced in the TRNC because of time restraint. The union claimed that the tomatoes were from Turkey.

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