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Mahalli says excitement after Akinci election has faded
Seasoned journalist known for his deep interest in Cyprus and International Relations expert Husnu Mahalli, has said that the excitement after Akinci’s elections seems to have faded now.

Speaking to Vatan Mehmet, Mahalli said that Akinci was elected with great pledges but he did not see him as the last President of the TRNC.

Asked how he saw the Cyprus issue and the recent developments, Mahalli said he did not see any changes; he had followed the processes closely dating back to Makarios. He said in his opinion if both sides had said Yes to the Annan plan there still would have been no settlement and reminded of something UNSG Special Advisor Eide said recently in that if there was a solution, it would take years for the settlement. In other words, the papers could be signed but it would take years to implement.

Mahalli said he spoke to various people in the north who said that Akinci was not the same person he was when elected and had become Talat and was sharing the comprehensive solution argument. He claimed that Akinci spoke a lot, especially with regards to Varosha and has been told to stay quiet by Turkey. Mahalli said two more border crossings were going to be opened; however they have not and one of them will not open.

On guarantees, Mahalli explained that Turkey would not give up her rights as guarantor. He said that several years ago when he wrote an article about Cyprus being ‘Islamised’ he was told he was exaggerating; however now there are mosques everywhere and even the CTP government were unable to prevent this.

On a GC YES vote in the referendum, Mahalli drew attention to the fact that the propaganda of 2004 could rise again; it was not certain whether or not GCs would vote in favour or not.

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