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Munir says difficult to overcome economic chasm between sides
T24 newspaper columnist Metin Munir in an article he wrote headlined it ‘What will the price of repairing trousers be when there is a reunification on the island’ and touched on the economic chasm between the two sides.

In his article Munir said it was difficult to be positive about the TC side catching up to the GC side and added that none of the political parties in the TRNC had the skill to get the north out of the economic hole they were in; he said even worse they had no will either and pointed out that politics was in a worse state than the economy.

Munir said that the GNP of the GC was 19.3 billion dollars in 2014, and 3.9 billion on the TC side.

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2 September 2015, Wednesday
john         - africa
mr munir - your comment is noted on the economic disparity between north and south . however one plus one is three and the cypriot economy would be better after union.
equally without an embargo ,trade would flourish in north cyprus.
equally the population is smaller.
what is important is the standard of living of people in the north -not the quantum of GDP alone.
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