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Akinci's top level officials and advisors all have TDP pasts
Vatan Mehmet writing for KIBRIS POSTASI has drawn attention to the top level officials and advisors in President Akinci’s camp…

Mehmet writes that despite his ‘democratic rhetoric’ during his election campaign many of his officials have connections to the TDP party and previously before that BDH party.

Akinci during his campaign had underlined several times that he had no affiliation to any political party and was an independent candidate. Akinci had pledged to carry on being independent even after his election; After his election the negotiation process gained momentum but taking a closer look at this top level officials, one can see that they all have past affiliations to political parties that Akinci had close ties with.

Here is the list of the top level officials at the Presidential Palace now and their past political ties

·         Political, History Special Advisor and Committees Coordinator Meltem Samani (TDP General Secretary)

·         Under-secretary Gurdal Hudaoglu (TDP Party assembly member)

·         Foreign and EU Relations Coordinator Deniz Birinci (TDP Foreign Relations Secretary)

·         Spokesman Baris Burcu (TDP Nicosia Municipality member)

·         Corporate communications Atif Muezzinler (TDP party assembly member and member of Akinci’s campaign team)

·         Security Advisor Halil Sadrazam (was candidate from former BDH party and coordinator of Akinci’s campaign office)

·         Private Secretary Cenk Gurcag (candidate from BDH)

Akinci is being criticised for appointing mostly TDP supporters or former TDP officials.

It goes to contradict his statements on television in which he said he would be equal to all political parties and ‘embrace all colours’.

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