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There is no gas to share says the Turkish Cypriot negotiator
Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun said that there wasn’t any gas to share in Cyprus’ waters.

Turkish Cypriot negotiator Ergün Olgun said that there wasn’t any gas to share in Cyprus’ waters.

Olgun was speaking during an exclusive interview he gave to Vatan Mehmet of Kıbrıs Postası. Olgun who evaluated the latest developments in the Cyprus problem and the speculations regarding gas reserves, which has been dominating the politics around peace talks made a striking claim and said that there was no gas to share.

According to Olgun existence of hydrocarbon reserves in Cyprus and waters and said that gas issue was an “artificially inflated balloon” by the Greek Cypriot leadership in order to abandon the negotiation table. Commenting on the role of international actors in the negotiation process Olgun criticised all the actors involved in the Cyprus problem for not giving enough support to the process.

Olgun then went on to say that actions of some of the international actors involved in the Cyprus problem were acting in a way that strengthen the status quo in Cyprus. “It is evident that there is no gas to share anyway. They created an deliberate and artificial crisis. There is an empty balloon and its the gas reserve...” said Olgun.

Saying that Greek Cypriot side and the international actors were going through a “sincerity test” Olgun claimed that south Cyprus was already benefiting from the money they got in return of drilling licences. “They are making profit from the licence money, therefore they want this situation to continue” said Olgun.

Olgun said that change in Cyprus was only possible through adamant, visionary and proactive policies. “Unless everyone switch to such policies the 50 year long status quo will continue” said Olgun.

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23 January 2015, Friday
john         - africa
i agree with mr olgun. there is no gas,and i hope there is no oil either. this issue should be solved in 90 days not 50 yrs.
bold people are needed -not weaklings like the politicians on either side,and turkey.
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