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500 TL for MPs 115 TL for employees
In August the government which reflected the ratio of the increase in the living costs to the incomes, while increasing the MP incomes with a 500 TL raise bringing it up to 11,529 TL, only found it appropriate to increase the minimum wage by 115 TL. Minimum Wage Determination Commission, after months of bidding, determined the minimum wage as 1675 TL.

Kıbrıs Postası- Deniz Abidin 

Hur is Leader Yakup Latifoglu who evaluated the new minimum wage to Kibris Postasi, stated that the new amount was not the one aimed, adding that they unwillingly accepted the amount in order give an answer to the expectations of the private sector. Dev- Is Leader Mehmet Seyis stated that the events have turned into a theatre play and that the government ‘thinks itself as clever, while putting the labourers into the position of dummies.” Metin Arhun who spoke in the name of the Employers Union noted that the economic circumstances in the country is not appropriate for a new minimum wage to be determined. The Minimum Wage Determination Commission determined the new minimum wage as 1675 TL at yesterday’s meeting. The new minimum wage will be valid after the 1st November. At the current state the new minimum wage is 9.65 TL hourly, 77.00 TL daily, and 386.00 TL weekly.


While a 145 TL increase was made to the minimum wage in the previous period, at the meeting that took place yesterday 115TL increase was made to the minimum wage. Last August due to the economic circumstances a 500 TL increase was made to the MP wages, and 115 TL to the workers working at minimum wage.

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19 November 2014, Wednesday
andrew clarkson         - girne
we have been told by are accountant that this pay rise does not come into efect until 1st jan 2015 anyone know if this is true ?
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