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Greek PM secures votes to pass bailout through parliament
Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras’s government secured enough votes to win parliamentary approval for a new bailout agreement on Friday, in a vote that highlighted a deepening rift within his ruling Syriza party.

The vote was held after an all-night parliamentary session as lawmakers argued over procedure, just hours before euro zone ministers are due to approve the deal and pave the way for disbursement of aid ahead of a debt payment next week.

Thanks to opposition support, Tsipras easily managed to cross the 151-vote threshold in the 300-seat chamber to pass the bill.

Tsipras will seek a confidence vote after August 20 when a debt repayment to the European Central Bank falls due, a government official said.

Greece’s conservative opposition New Democracy party will not back the government in the vote of confidence.

“New Democracy giving the government a vote of confidence? There is no chance of that,” lawmaker Makis Voridis said.

A senior New Democracy official confirmed the party did not intend to vote in favour of Tsipras’s government if a confidence vote was called.

Cyprus Mail

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