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22 May 2015, Friday    My vision of Cyprus - Island of Sufism
13 May 2015, Wednesday    JAZZASCONA
4 May 2015, Monday    Jazzy impressions!
7 April 2015, Tuesday    Impressions

My vision of Cyprus - Island of Sufism
Taliya Khafizou | 22 May 2015, Friday
This time I would like to share with dear Readers ones of my innermost impressions that have formed my vision of North Cyprus.
To my mind, Cyprus is closely correlated with the concept of Sufism, which has in...
Taliya Khafizou | 13 May 2015, Wednesday
Last year JazzAscona celebrated its 30st edition under the title of Hello Dolly, famous song of Louis Armstrong. The festival was uniquely sumptuous, thanks to the presence of renowned international stars and musician...
Jazzy impressions!
Taliya Khafizou | 4 May 2015, Monday
Described below are my impressions and thoughts about Jazz – music I have been fond of after my first Jazz Festival in Ascona. Held each summer, it is always one of the biggest events of my life and one of its g...