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Kanbay: "Water will allow economic growth and be water of peace"

Kanbay: Water will allow economic growth and be water of peaceThe 92nd anniversary of the establishment of the Turkish Republic celebrations began with a televised address by the Turkish Ambassador to Nicosia Derya Kanbay on BRT at 1pm today.

He began his speech by noting how honored he was to be celebrating the 92nd anniversary of the Republic of Turkey and the achievements of the country.

He commemorated those who gave their lives for their nation and noted that today the Republic of Turkey was a secular, social state with the rule of law and well respected by other countries around the world.

Ambassador Kanbay also said that he was very proud to be serving in the TRNC during this time and noted that he was especially pleased that he would be able to celebrate the 29th of October Republic Day with the Turkish Cypriot people who also celebrate the day as a national holiday.

Touching upon the Cyprus issue which has been continuing for 50 years the Turkish Ambassador said that Turkey and the Turkish Cypriot side aimed to find a bizonal, bicommunal, just, permanent and sustainable solution to the Cyprus problem based on the political equality of the two sides.

Explaining that the Turkish Cypriot people had the right to live in security and humanely on the island just like the Greek Cypriots, Kanbay said that everyone knew it wasn’t possible to continue with their daily lives with the Cyprus problem remaining unsolved.

“We are determined not to allow the Turkish Cypriot people to return to pre 1974 conditions. We fully support all efforts that have been exerted to find a solution to the Cyprus problem and we protect the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ rights at every platform” said Mr. Kanbay.

He added that just like it was in the past the Republic of Turkey will today and in the future continue to stand by the side and support the Turkish Cypriot people.

Touching upon the water transfer project that was inaugurated by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and TRNC President Mustafa Akıncı, the Turkish Ambassador noted that the Project of the Century will meet the water needs of the Turkish Cypriot people for the next 50 years.

“This project which is a first of its kind around the world, will not only meet the needs of the TC people but will allow for economic growth in the country and will be a water of peace” said Kanbay.

The Ambassadors speech was followed by a 21 gun salute.

Tomorrow morning, Turkish Ambassador Kanbay will be receiving well wishers at the residence of the Turkish Embassy.



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