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Have an enemy? Send a hate card

Have an enemy? Send a hate card A pair of Vietnamese graphic designers have come up a series of greeting cards to send to people you don't like very much.

Founders of Kaa Studio, Phung Nguyen Quang and Killien Huynh, have created a series of postcards stamped with adorable hand painted animals with harsh messages printed alongside them.

The Ho Chi Minh based illustrators have shared their amusing passive aggressive designs online.

'Have you ever hated someone so much, that you decided to draw a postcard for them?' They wrote. 'Who knew animals could be so cruel.' 

For just $14 Australian, people can receive the full set of 16 postcards, from a smiling bear saying 'you got fat' to a 'you are stupid' card with an accompanying indifferent cat. 

To soften the blow, a rainbow wielding penguin fronts the 'I hate you this much' card, and a simple 'nobody loves you' message is delivered alongside a cutesy hedgehog balancing an apple. 

Other designs include a 'hey ugly' snail, an unapologetic rabbit and a murderous raccoon.

The response to the creations has been mixed, with some loving the idea and others concerned at the messages.

'I would never spend a dime on someone I consider an enemy...I love the postcards though who knew hate could be this cute?' One Facebook user wrote. 

'Except even your enemies shouldn't be body shamed,' another disagreed.

'Lighten up, even I would laugh if I received one of these,' one argued. 

The trend of sending hate to enemies started with Ship your Enemies Glitter - a company dedicated to sending letters filled with glitter on behalf of people who want revenge.  

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