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Open Letter to the President from Envision Diversity Initiative


Letter to the President - Envision Diversity and Our Demands on Gender Technical Committee

Dear President,

We first would like to congratulate you on your election to the Office of the President after a successful win in Presidential Elections.

We also would like to thank you for your concerted and solid efforts, upon resuming office, in recommencing negotiations in reaching a just and mutually beneficial solution in Cyprus between all communities. The determined perseverance is vital in reaching a permanent and sustainable agreement in Cyprus which will profit all inhabitants on the island by providing them with a stable prospect to live in harmony and peace cherishing the diversity.

This stable future also lies in the very fact that all communities have an indisputably equal and just voice in the peace process. Most of these communities have been marginalized from the talks until now. In this context, your prescription of including a gender dimension into talks have a definite promise to bring a new and multi-faceted dynamic to negotiations. However, contrary to general opinion, gender dimension is not all about women from a certain class or ethnic background but such dynamic should ensure the full participation of all segments of the Cypriot society. Gender relies on enforcing and strengthening our promise to invest into a diverse and socially multicultural society which can live in peaceful co-existence without any peril of each other’s existence.

Having said that, we believe that our mission, common aim and shared vision should not be focusing on partisan politics of arbitrarily vetting particular classes and ethnic groups in Gender Technical Committee. We strongly believe and advocate that Gender Committee should be balanced and should reflect the logic we envision in a multicultural Cyprus.  In this respect

a.     We think that LGBTI(Q) community should indisputably be represented in Gender Technical Committee. This is vital and important.

b.     We believe that enthusiastic efforts must be made to include women of all segments, regardless of their ethnic and class background and sexual orientation.[i]

c.     We believe that your office should seek a wider consensus based on premises of representing the multicultural diversity of Cypriot society by facilitating inclusion from all socially disadvantaged groups.

d.     We strongly believe that opposite would only benefit few but not all Cypriots and peace built on this premises will not be robust hence will be rickety inadvertently.

e.     We also believe that Gender Technical Committee should encourage participation and collaboration of multiple civil society actors which are working on promoting rights, equality and anti-discrimination.

We do hope that this finds you well and we sincerely believe that you will take our humble opinions into consideration. We support your cause in promoting peace, unification and negotiations unreservedly.


Envision Diversity Initiative



i We believe that no discrimination should exist in selecting the members to the committee based on their ethnic, religious, national, colour, sexual orientation, racial or social class.

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