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Peace? What did you say? Part 2


Continued from the last article on KP Daily

 A big thank to Deniz Birinci who has allowed me to use the commentary and discourse of this Facebook status.

As mentioned earlier, justice is a key Word for any peace building and reconciliation effort. If one side feels less unfortunate or more fortunate or even being aggrieved further, settling a new future and engaging into a sustainable co-existence becomes fragile and tenuous( SHAKY). Settlement, peace, resolution for solution and a lasting unification all are promising and voluminous words especially for all Cypriots from all ethnic, religious, national and colour regardless they have destined to live on this island as their abode hence peace and harmony as well as living with their own identity is significantly important. As with the last article, I have further extracted some important dialogues which could lead us to question notions of justice, peace and sustainable co-existence in the geography we live.

Peace and coexistence with reconciliation requires us to abandon “BLAME THE OTHER” game which is one of the most destructive impediments to build constructive ties for future. When Mandela was released from the prison he said the following

                “If I fail to live all despair, all hate, all bitterness and animosity behind me in this prison, I will still be in prison”. (Nelson Mandela).

Hence, any peace in any part of the world needs to relinquish the vision to see each other as competitors who has done the more harm. We need to understand that our future will be a horizon where past has a very FLIMSY impact.


Omiros Jacovides Dear Deniz Birinci that is a double blade question. Somehow, I really hope that the young generation TCs are also fed up with their country being divided into two. If you mean that they are threaten by their equivalent GCs doing their service, then they are not realistic, because they know or they should know that it is the Turkish troops- from where they are getting their orders- that are in an offensive structure and that NG is in a defensive structure. The important thing dear Deniz is for both the TCs and the GCs to see that we both have to lose by maintaining the current status. Who gains out of all this is Turkey.

Dear Neoclis Neocleous, if you were living in Cyprus during the post 1974 period, you should have knew that especially in the early years it was the GCs that were under a constant treat and under a constant fear. Even now we are witnesses of aggressive behaviour from the part of Turkey who stations more than 40000 troops on the island. So how can you ask such a question?

Again we must understand that the politics is a multi-dimensional act of jolting your horse in the direction which will benefit you the most.  One can just exact the claims on the grounds that Turkey is the sole perpetrator and reach to a solution? Can we? Will we? Without having to understand that in actual fact what we need to do is to reconcile with each other, learn to leave all the labels, all the baggage of the past and one-sided visions of victimhood can we really BUILD the peaceful coexistence? Or was it just pleasing one side by appeasing their cause?

Omiros Jacovides Deniz, this is why I suggested in a previous discussion that people should meet and not just for socializing, but to get to know each other's fears and worries. I'm sure that once that is started we all will see how similar we are in many aspects. For example Deniz do you honesty can say that you are threaten in any way while being on this side? Or that anyone would harm you just because you are TC?

Neoclis Neocleous That includes working together, doing business, playing football, music and all sorts of social activities which, people like you, condemn at every chance. Hence you need to follow Deniz's example and empathise.

Denizim, i totally agree with you, #empathy is key

Deniz Birinci Not in general Omiros. But for example tonight I didn't feel comfortable joining my GC friends for a drink... And that's not because I am afraid of being attacked by anyone at all... It’s probably how you would feel if I invited you for a drink on the eve of July 20th... #empathy

And again, empathy and taking an action out of the box, we can see what Deniz and Omiros has said. Working together, understanding and moving together to a stronger future.

Enver Ethemer Omiros I am not approving garrisons in our area as well. What i am saying all of them are not promoting what we want. If we only get rid of those garrisons then it would not be a just peace. We need to demilitarise everything, our minds souls our soil. Not just one side? Are you ready to make a move in that direction? if we try to make this a tally of who is fault this is or who is more at fault then we never establish what we want.. And yes the troops with gears then becomes inevitable. I am not endorsing what I am seeing but what I am saying is that i am seeing both sides indifferent from each other. And yes at that moment the free or UN free area becomes a delusional utopia

As Neoclis said YES EMPATHY with will to forgive, forget and mollify, recreate, regenerate

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