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Peace? What did you say?


Reconciliation with the past in geographies where conflict has occurred has always been a hard and arduous task.  It requires a long and cumbersome process to come into terms with damage of the conflict.  What happened in the past also haunts the presents and imprisons the future.  Building peace requires a new vision, stamina to face the challenges of bear actualities and transform them into practices of amity. It just does not happen in a linear fashion nor can it be turned into a mathematical equation where you can add up to get a sum. BUT WHAT IT REQUIRES is JUSTICE..


Without justice and mutual reconciliation, no peace is sustainable. Cyprus is a land where peace and building peace is always constructed on the diverging parameters and conflicting interest based on nationalistic spirits. It is either-or situation which prevents us to depart from the context and move outside the box. If we try to build peace on an unbalanced platform, the platform is highly likely to collapse unavoidably. It becomes a myth.  What I have witnessed the last couple of days on Facebook and other social media channels dim the hope to build a long-lasting and sustainable peace based on true justice and mutual appeasement.  I like to call THESE little stories as mirroring myth and develop some counter-arguments given logic of justice and appeasement that lies at the core of peacebuilding in post-conflict situation.


Deniz Birinci has posted a Facebook status quoted as follows


“I see photos of Greek Cypriot young men... Brothers, sons and boyfriends of my friends... Dressed up in military gear, posing with the Greek flag... I see them with the eyes of my friends... I can see what they see.... Then I put my Turkish Cypriot friends in their place and look at those photos with those eyes... I shiver... I see photos of Turkish Cypriot young men... Brothers, friends, boyfriends of ours... Dressed up in military gear, holding guns... Then I put myself in the shoes of my Greek Cypriot friends and feel what they see... I freak out... Have you ever done the same?... Have you ever looked at them with the eyes of 'the other'?... Have you ever tried to feel how they feel?... ‪#‎Empathy

The respond from one of the commentators is as follows


Omiros Jacovides Deniz Birinci, the schenario is incomplete. You should add another element in the formula. I do not know if you unintentionally forgot to add the Turkish young men, whose I do not know the brothers, sons and boyfriends, and neither you do.I do not even know why they are in full gear with an offensive structure towards the south, while at the same time they are keeping an eye on you so that you behave according to the wishes of the sultan in Ankara. Now that the scenario is complete, can you really imagine how your GC friends feel?”


Now my question is that “What do you think here? Where is the missing weak link? Any problems with it or not? Can this be a good peace deal?

I wrote back a small commentary as below;


Deniz I am sorry but Omiros Jacovides explains it in full why you see all these men in military gear. His reference point becomes complete when he sees Turkish men dressed in gear a Turkish Cypriot or even any nationality should shiver and feel that eerie feeling when they see anything which is vehemently militaristic and reverberates violence. I see a garrison right where you come to the first big roundabout where it leads you to Nicosia and Alpha Mega with big Greek flags. Where do we stand then? How would we make that long distance call outside the box? We need to see that justice in peace is where all parties involved equally admit their part. Otherwise we are talking about a euphoric Utopia.”


Power is constructed in any form- ego, language, socially or politically. If we see what we see, we rip apart fertile soil to shape a common future based on warranted justice where all parties commit to reveal their part in their total naked form.

To be continued…..


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