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Ozgecan- A Random Victim of Monstrosity


She was dragged into a desolate area by the shuttle bus driver of the university she was attending. She was brutally raped, beaten, stabbed and burnt to dead. The terror of fear has sunken into her jovial eyes as she had felt death was approaching her. She felt the terror of crime coming nearer her. She had not had the chance the escape, no root to flee the MALE terror. Nothing but waiting for the slit of knife slashing her wrist into a defenseless corpus- raped, tortured and DEAD. Her life, hopes, future, dreams, inspirations have been stolen by profane masculine cruelty- DESPISEFUL and SPEECHLESS can sum up the feelings one can experience on the surface.

In depth one can contemplate deeper considering this brutality in multifaceted angles. Self-analysis on the humanity side can find some commonalities though. This definitely brings deeply-rooted problems into limelight regarding masculine violence and heteronormative brutality and muddled secret reality of “disgrace of women’s rights”. I would not argue that this is particular to the Turkey. It happens all over the world in manifold forms. However, the root cause is the fact that we place the masculine authority and heteronormative norms into the heart of the society. We turn women body into a sexual toy and a sex machine. We see it not human flesh but something we can unconditionally harass, exploit, ravage, wreck, rape, plunder, damage. The list can go infinitely. Increasing rates and intensity of violence against women tells us the murky story of “deteriorating standards of advancing standards for women”. Beaten, killed, stabbed, raped, assaulted, harassed by men, women are denied their rights to dream for the future, dream for their life, inspire for success, inspire for prospect. Women are stolen a basic possession- THEIR LIVES.

Stand for a second and think why? Some said she was wearing a short skirt inviting and provoking the culprit into sexual violence. Leaving in a hegemonic masculine normativity legitimizes and finds superficial mechanisms to “rationalize act of violence and destruction”. Men only see the “other” as “puppet of exploitation”. Sexual objects (puppets) here are women. Their body can only mean nothing but sex to a kind whose thinking can only swing in the between the legs of women. The weapon is to rape and attack the enemy- women. The impotent and submissive she should be, otherwise she deserves the punishment. A corporal extermination of its finest form- raping, killing, even burning. Disobedience to the MALE norms has weighty-even substantial- repercussions for “NON MALE HOMO SAPIENS”.  In multifarious forms, this needs to be some sort of mass killing, genocide, raping, brutality or bloodshed.


Ozgecan- who was a NON MALE HOMO SAPIEN. Committed crime of non-conformity to male scripture norms. She disregarded the decree of “heteronormative nonsense of morality”. Nothing about Ozgecan was significant but her sexual value. Her hopes, her life, her smile, her hobbies, her daily routine practice of life…. The music she listened to, the films she watched, the meals she prepared and times she has spent with her friends. The phone chats she had with her mother, father and her family. The hopes her family and she had cherished and fostered collectively. Times she laughed with her mother on the phone. Moments she talked to her family about her classes at UNI...

Without knowing her destiny in that exact morning she had left her apartment- to pursue her dreams-.. A WOMEN: Her sin, fault, offense—MEN see her as evil- Ozgecan paid the price- killed coldheartedly by a blood-thirsty MALE CONVICT

She died but we still have a big price to pay. REVOLT against the inhumanity of masculine heteronormativity.

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