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Charlie and Charlie...


It is a cold Paris morning. People have bought their café au laits and strolling on the streets with their croissants rushing to their work in an aloof fashion. In the same morning an eerie and traumatizing shooting has adulterated the peace of that very morning.  The killing of caricaturist at Charlie Hebdo magazine has broken the long-hauled silence of Western illusion of “security” and artificial self-confidence of terrorism.  It has surfaced the long dormant fears and anxieties of so called “Westerners” of violent terrorism. In a world that they were the architects of the “monsters of terrorism” themselves.

Charlie Hebdo has reminded us the war between the civilizations has not yet ended. As Huntington has righteously termed “the clash” will endure as long as so called “west” incessantly maintain its “insatiable hunger for power and hegemonic ruling not least the exploitation”.  American driven hegemonic and ignorant mindset will create its “enemies” which will threaten peaceful co-existence amongst civilizations. This unyielding crevice between the religions, ethnic communities and nations are deepening as America demands more from the world and drives communities into total chaos and warfare. Ranging from mid- Asia to the coastal borders of Med around Middle East, westerners are engaging relentless endeavors to bring more chaos and anarchy through “ sweet and innocent” tactful tactics to vilify the existence of nations. In a geography where war and killing of civilians are executed in the name of “bringing democracy” and “redeeming humanity of Islamic villains and barbaric savagery”.

Charlie Hebdo was an attack which shocked the humanity on how cold the killers can be. One must not side by the violence, war and demolition in any terms. It has reminded us that the attack was done to the heart of the humanity, humanity’s belief in peace and harmony. It was an attack to rescind our devotion to promote liberties and freedom of humankind to live in a world where there is not death threat and fatal conflict of any kind. Nevertheless, how much shocking this barbaric act can be, we must all bear in mind that this is not an issue of “ blaming Islam” as the scoundrel in a hilariously biased fashion. No matter what, I was perplexed to see a Jewish woman and an Arabic man on Al Jazeera International who met in Paris and fallen in love and both condemning the brutal act of violence directed to the hearth of humanity’s right and freedom of speech. However, at the same time, I am disgusted and appalled to see Netanyahu delivering a redeemer speech being himself the brutal and ruthless criminal of Palestinian children. American TV being as much satirical as Hebdo itself by self-subjugated gallantry of “showing off her muscle”. Charlie Hebdo was not a simple terrorist attack of “Islam on West”. It brings out the deeply rooted undemocratic and “dismissive arrogance” of the West. It is the product of selfish pursuits of west, imperialistic and capitalistic colonial hunger for more wealth. It is the reverse projection of the Western hostility towards the rest. It is not what Syrians, Rwandans, Pakistanis, Afghans, Russians created on their own.

The Charlie Hebdo was more than an illusion. It is a killing and attack on which was mutually created by West and its enemies through mutually breeding hostility through propelling war and killings. It is the endless strong coveting of the West to act in total hypocrisy to exploit the rest of the world for its menacing and merciless greed in all terms.

Yes I can be Charlie, as long as world and we raise the humanity’s reaction to killings in Palestine, ill-treatments in Guantanamo, rapes in Iraq, crimes of Israel and inhumane act of killing of CHARLIE HEBDO.


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