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The world is broken...


The world is broken… that is the only way I can describe the unravelling events around the globe. There isn’t one day that doesn’t go by that we don’t read, hear or see acts against humanity, people and children drowning to get away from their war-torn countries, people dying in phenomenal weather conditions,  freak meteorological disasters, people dying of cancers and other life threatening illnesses… The list is endless. I am not a religious person but the happenings ring similarities to biblical events…  Does this mean we are all going to die in floods sent by God to punish us for the ‘wickedness in the world’? Who is He going to appoint to build this ark and who will be given sanctuary because they have been righteous? Who is going to decide what is righteous or not?

My goodness I feel like my mind is going to explode when trying to digest the stories I read every day. I have no choice but to read because I work for an online newspaper and as the editor I have to keep my readership up. This week’s worst story was one plastered all over the press and social media… Yes that one with the child on the shore. Aylan, 3 years old… And however I try to avoid the picture, it creeps up onto my screen every day since he drowned. The horrific picture will be one that will stay with me for a while.

There is a fine line between over-reporting something and trying to draw awareness to it. Debates have been on-going this week about the photograph; some criticised that the story has been overpublicized; leaders have come under attack for allowing the crisis to continue; people are blaming each other.

What is wrong with you people? Why can’t you all work together to overcome the issue instead of helping to fuel it? Is everything really about power, money and greed? Simply? Yes and the photograph of little Aylan drowned because his family was fleeing from one death to another only goes to solidify this. We have become a despicable race of human beings; we lie, cheat, steal, murder, kill, rape, pillage and for what? Because we want what we don’t have? Because we want to be bigger or more powerful? Because we can?

Honestly this week I’m disgusted to be a human being living in this world. I’m embarrassed at what mankind has become. So God, if you are going to send a great flood to rid humans of the world, do it because people will not get better.

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