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Last year JazzAscona celebrated its 30st edition under the title of Hello Dolly, famous song of Louis Armstrong. The festival was uniquely sumptuous, thanks to the presence of renowned international stars and musicians directly coming from New Orleans.


On one of Ascona Specials – (5 special evening concerts) – we had a chance to hear famous The Duke Ellington Orchestra, a dignified heir of the founder and his son Mercer. Important to say, that even the opening concert to this performance was outstandingly amazing – we really enjoyed the Boogie-woogie and Swing-jazzy rhythms of Breda Jazz Band coming from Netherlands.


French delegation was presented by duet Nikki et Jules, whose stylish perfomance was distinguished by light rythms and vivid image.

The Primatics and The Rixtet bands, also coming from France, gave other unforgettable concerts.

Brilliant Gunhild Carling Family presented a creative and multi-talented union of musicians and dancers, who spectacularly performed numerous turns of JazzAscona program.


One of my brightest impressions was the concert of Uros Perich Orchestra featuring Sheila Raye Charles as special guest.  Another delight was Larry Franco Swingtet which perfomance was an hommage to traditional jazz with presentation of retro-style instruments.

And, as one proverb says, it is better to see once than to read thousands of times. So – here is the link, following which you can enjoy jazzy videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLHSsfmLZhA&authuser=0

These videos were prepared especially for you, dear readers. Implementing the very philosophy of my column (entitled Impressions) I am pleased to share the happiest moments of my life through articles, photos and videos with other people, who also want to live a full-value life dense with impressions.


Alongside with some world-renowned orchestras, Ascona hosted prominent singers such as Lilian Boutte («the Queen» of Ascona), Nicolle Rochelle (USA), Emma Pask (Australia) with Denise Gordon, Eileina Dennis and Stacey Kent coming from England. It was a great time to see and hear all these exceptional stars at once and in one place –Ascona!

As for this tiny cozy town in Tessin, the southern part of Switzerland, Jazz invigorated its meandering streets day and night. Ascona, alluring and joyful, rose in its splendor and flourished during the Jazzy Festivity.

During 9 days there were around 50 orchestras, 240 concerts, 400 hours of music performed by 350 musicians! Such a great Fest is to be continued this year, and I am sure that for this time JazzAscona will not only meet but even surpass my brightest expectations…

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