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Jazzy impressions!


Described below are my impressions and thoughts about Jazz – music I have been fond of after my first Jazz Festival in Ascona. Held each summer, it is always one of the biggest events of my life and one of its greatest impressions.

Undoubtedly, good music showers a great bless on people, endowing human beings with wonderful impressions that enrich their life. How can we imagine our life without music? So do I hardly believe in summer without Jazz Ascona Festival! For this reason let me share some of my Jazzy Impressions with you, dear readers.


Before telling directly about Jazz Ascona Festival, I would like to ruminate on one question: With what Jazz can be compared? (And you are welcome to share your thoughts with me, too, in comments below ).

Jazz performance supposes that each instrument and musician play according to their own abilities and wishes. It is a general and at the same time individual improvisation. The feeling of Harmony emerges in the listener`s soul if the music is to his liking. Then he becomes a co-participant of performance and harmonizes with it. The listener, however, does not always await the absolute harmony from the music – he himself enters into the harmony with musicians, adjusts to their sets. He tries to find and feel this harmony in meandering motives of Jazz, the convolutions of the very Jazz thoughts and to be on the same wavelength with them, to act on the same frequency. He catches these vibrations, rhythms, which in his soul form a certain aura of perception (arouse some memories, give person certain energy).

As for me, jazz is alike the Nature. With its rhythms and vibrations, waves and frequencies.

Where everything expresses itself how it can and wishes – so «sounds» its self-expression, the sense and assertion of its very being.

Look around - all lively creatures, all forms of nature, water, air, light, stones and mountains, emanate vibrations and rhythms. As you know, the matter of all substances and objects is, simply, the light that is produced on a certain wavelength and has its own frequency. The base of our world is the wave and vibration, i.e. the light and the sound – it is marvelous in its simplicity that yet generates such a wonderful variety in our beloved World. 

Each and every is unique and does sound in his own way. At full stretch of one`s own existence, with all ones might, and with no shy or compare to others – devotedly expressing oneself.

Hence all the sounds interflow in universal music of spheres, and by now the planets take part in this choral, stars catch up and lead further, paving the Milky Ways for their own music, galaxies twist and untwist in their own galactic rhythm of dance –absolutely everything in this World plays and sounds…..

 And Jazz with creative Improvisation as its indispensable characteristic reminds me of those very processes in Nature and Universe.


When it comes to improvisation in Jazz, every musician, in his own turn, produces the motives which he wishes to play and finds important. Of course, it is somehow restricted by the chords, so called harmony of the music the musician sticks to – as well as the Nature is limited by sets of Logos, physical laws and universal principles, in its occurrences – but the rest is up to the fantasy, and springs from the inner state of individual – from aspiration of Creator….  



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