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Forgive us my son


“I’ve just found out that his name was Aylan.

Nobody may not have found out his name had his father not survived… if that’s what you want to call it.

He should have been playing in the sand and building sandcastles; he should have been watching the waves wash away his castle.

He should have had his mother come out and call out to him to wear a hat in the heat of the day, only to take it off again when she wasn’t looking.

He should have been wearing armbands in order to learn to swim and when he mother got worried that he was in too far, she should have been persuading him to come back to the shoreline where it was safer.

So what happened?

His mother and father tried to protect their children from the dropping bombs and inhuman acts that people were carrying out in the name of Islam.

So they took to a dinghy to escape the carnage going on in their country. Together, as a family. However the family, who insisted on their child wearing a hat in the scorching sun, had not even taken any life vests. They set out in the dead of the night to better shores.

The dinghy sank and now the rest is history.

A small child who would normally be building sandcastles on the beach now lay on a beach lifeless.

Ahmet Hakan wrote a piece in Hurriyet Newspaper with the title ‘Forgive us child’.

He was asking for forgiveness from that young child, saying that we had lost our humanity.

The British Independent Newspaper carried the story with the solitary headline ‘Someone’s child’ and one single photograph and asked the question where or not we still believed that this growing problem was not Europe’s or the UK’s problem.

Yes, this child was someone’s child.

Let him be the child of those who have lost their humanity in the world. Let him be the child, the son, of those people whose heart broke and those who wept when they saw that photograph.

Let whoever wants call him Mehmet or George or Hans or Guang…

Or let them call him by his real name Aylan.

However David Cameron, Angela Merkel, Heinz Fischer, Charles Michel, Francois Hollande and various other EU leaders and representatives don’t have the right to call him anything.

These people all have a part to play in this child’s death.

In fact, come to think of it, we all have a part in this tragic death.

The votes we pledge, the products we use sometimes feed this human drama.

Our silence and our adoration of the European Union and United States makes this tragedy grow.

It makes us sometimes say “There is no war here, so let’s forget about it”.

Forgive us my son… whilst we should have been responsible for you wearing a hat in the sun and ensuring that your first swimming lesson was safe, we failed you as human and sent you to your death… Forgive us my son. 

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