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I am back!


Hang on a minute.

I haven’t written a piece for this site since the day prior to the Presidential election.

That is really not on.

I can be easily accused of excessive laziness or simply not paying enough attention to KP Daily News. Readers can be unmerciful you know.

In my defence I have had a hectic few months. Summer is supposed to put people on holiday mode and it is the time where most of the normal people do absolutely nothing and prefer to do that slowly.


I have had to watch 14 eye wateringly boring art films, read several books that could be used as a deadly weapon in combat if needed or a tool to commit suicide and die or boredom during my final exams in June.

I am working through my Master’s degree at the moment and telling my friends to smack me in the face with no prior warning, if I get excited and mention that I could consider continuing my academic work to get a PhD afterwards.

Just when my final exams were over and I thought I was going to get some rest see how big my kids have grown while I was having an affair with books and nutty professors, my boss Polat Alper grabbed me by the arm and took me to London on a business trip. He got food poisoning and I had blisters on my feet because I was foolish enough to wear brand new shoes on a trip like that. So that didn’t go well apart from the business part.

While we were there we had time to sit and talk over a couple of beers, which I drank and he paid for, we came up with the idea of changing the design and the content of our Newspaper Kıbrıs Postası.

We agreed on everything apart from the time we were going to on the challenge. I was thinking more Septemberish and he was thinking yesterday.

So we both compromised, (I compromised and he got his way) and we started immediately. That was a task but we managed to create a newspaper, which generated 99 per cent positive feedback. The boss is happy I am exhausted.

My son and daughter got to spend time with their dad when he came into their room at night and watched them for a bit while they slept and continued to brush up their Philippine accented English from their nanny Cynthia. I don’t know what we would have done without her during these horrific times.

So cutting a dreadfully long story short, after Funda’s long soaking in Roman Baths in Bath and a couple of more holidays which I have lost count of, a second round Presidential election, three long exams, which I passed with flying colours, Bill Cosby not being the man we thought he was and Jon Snow being killed by the Men of the Nights Watch, I am back.

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