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In my office, now!


I would like to see that half minded twit who is still going on a about global warming, in my office right now.

I would get up and give him a right smacking but even my private parts are freezing despite a gas heater and the air-conditioning going full speed, a scarf around my neck and not even dreaming about taking my coat off in the comfort of my office.

They go on about this global warming thing, greenhouse gases and Kyoto protocol not signed by Uncle Sam; however my gas bill still goes up, my kids spend winter with a constant runny nose and planes are not leaving the ground for those who want to seek refuge in someplace sunny and warm.

They claim that we are going to fry to death in a couple of decades, yet I am freezing and instead of getting warmer as they claim it will every year it is getting colder and colder.

I am sure that Global warming guy has some kind of dumb explanation about the opposite effect the global disaster he is going on about has on sunny Cyprus, but losing the feel in my toes will not help him get the message through to me, if he was to stand in my office.

We have witnessed a snow blizzard in Cyprus this week.

People are sharing Picture on Facebook and Twitter about how white their front garden looks after some snow and the poor kids go out to play snowball, trying to scrape up snow to make walnut sized snowballs that melt in the air after they are thrown.

On Thursday noon when the blizzard started I had a peek into my newsroom to make sure that someone would have thought about taking a nice award winning picture of the snowfall so it could decorate our front page the next day; however I ran into a news room full of empty desks.

The only person that was in building was Rengin Hanım who deals with the logistics in the office. I asked where everyone was, slightly worried that there was a complete evacuation of the office for some disastrous reason and I was the one left in the building to face the danger and pissed off that they left me behind.

She comforted me by saying that they all went out to see the snow.

The silly sods had to get wet under the snow to believe that it was really snowing instead of watching it through the windows like I did as a wise man.

Now as you have felt snow on your skin and built up a foundation for nice cold for an excuse to get off work and face the disappointment of not being able to create a perfect man made of snow, get me that global warming wally, I want a word with him…

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