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A Little Late New Year’s Resolution


I know I am a bit late but I still have unfinished business regarding my New Year’s resolution.

I have decided and it is to get fit again.

Not the kind of fit where the youngsters nowadays have substituted the word “good looking” with, but fit as in healthy and maybe a little less heavier, kind of fit.

The reason I am late is because I have realised that joining a gym and paying a small fortune is not enough to fulfil my goal, apparently you have to go to gym as well. Never to late to learn something eh?

Though it did feel very good after examining the Gym’s fancy fitness apparatuses and inspecting the showers and the locker rooms.

Was the lightness feeling real or was it due to the amount of cash that nasty little machine took away from my Credit card when the nice lady swiped it through, I am not sure.

And because I realised that going to the Turkish Cypriot traditional meyhanes and drinking less than my normal standards is still a lot higher than normal people.   

Previously I wrote about the doctor’s orders and how I had to stay away from the booze and fags for a while.

Forgetting the doctor’s name always helps people like me who have a tendency to conveniently forget the content of the orders of these medical professionals.

However the comments about my belly and the fact that I am down to one pair of jeans out of a wardrobe full of Levis 501’s has become a serious obstacle between me and forgetting the “You must lose weight” article of the Dr. Forgothisname’s set of orders.

So in the first week of February I am renewing my News Years resolution to lose some weight and at least fit in a few of my, perfectly worn out jeans.

First of all I need to hang out with more health conscious friends.

Crossing out famous TV presenter and colleague Serhat İncirli off my list of eating and drinking mates will be hardest but Levis 501’s are really expensive.

I also need to go and see if I need to pay more to my gym and this time seriously consider showing up every now and then.

I need to take more advice from one of KP Daily New Editors (and friend)Funda Gumush apart from the dried apricots and almonds that I have already stashed in my office drawer, she told me to snack on.

She goes boxing to keep fit you know. That’s why I put up with her constant whining about her boyfriend not texting her as much as she texts him (as if that is possible for a human being to accomplish) and her dirty looks every time I come in the office a few minutes later than her, as if she is the boss and not the other way round. I believe she knows a couple of secrets that she might share with me if I am nice enough to her.

So there it is. A determined man in his early forties, decided to catch up with his New Years resolution to lose weight. Better late than never.

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