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It can't be done with only 'girl power'


When running an election campaign you need to reach out to the ultimate amount of people and let them hear what you have to say. More importantly you need to make sure what you say is what they want to hear.

Sounds complicated but it is not. 

As journalists in this little country we have more than our fair share of elections in the past and leaving aside my training and experience in the field of propaganda, I can say that we have all become propaganda experts by just following these elections.

Looking at the first female Presidential candidate who actually has a chance to receive votes that would add up to double figures, we see that she either is designing her own campaign in front of the stove while making beans on toast for her husband or she is working with the team of men who haven’t the faintest idea of women want to hear.

I would bet that her campaign manager, whoever he is, also has relationship issues because selling himself as an expert communicator and not being able to communicate properly even in the area of his expertise, makes one think that he is awful in communicating at home with his spouse.

Don’t get me wrong I am not making assumptions that he has a bad marriage or hasn’t been able to get a long-lasting girlfriend and I am certainly not blaming him for it. But as a man who has spent a good half of his life in trying to explore the complicated and constantly changing moods of one single woman and not being rated anywhere near the top 1 million of the list of the “Women Secret Alliance’s Best Husband of Year” contests, for my efforts, I have just put two and two together.

Running a campaign for a woman candidate has its ups and downs. It benefits and disadvantages.

But you can’t go and send out a message just for the women electorate and say, “we have voted for them (the Men) all this time, now it’s their turn to vote for us” or go on and say, “Us women can do better than the men. Look what they have achieved so far, so you can’t go wrong”

If it was as easy as that, you would look at the demographics and if there were more women than men in the country. There you go.  You have won the elections.

It simply doesn’t work like that.

To be honest, when I saw the ads and the social media messages that her campaign team has put out recently I was pretty sure that the campaign that Siber is leading right now as if it was based on Cyndi Lauper’s song titled, Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

Sorry mate but the election is not about gender or girls having fun over men just because Its their turn and it is certainly not about women taking over the world bit by bit, starting from this tiny little half of an Island. At least it can’t be done with only “girl power”.

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