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I wish we also had an Al Murray


You know Al Murray. The Pub Landlord who waves a pint around and offers common sense solution to Great Britain’s problems.

The funniest guy I know and he is running for the UK Parliament with a upside down Pound sign as a logo, a pint is in his hand, a loose tie around his neck.

He is challenging the UK İndependence Party Leader Nigel Farage.

I have no idea what the polls are suggesting at the moment however if Murray manages to beat Farage at the Thanet South Constituency, which he claims that he has no idea where it is, it would be a right laugh and would certainly make a joke out of UKIP.

I wish we had an Al Murray type comedian/ politician. At least the boring and so serious election process would lighten up and maybe a few smiles will be transferred to people faces. Imagine an election rally with hundreds gathered to listen to a political speech in the Sarayonu Square which turns into a stand up show with a seriously funny person telling how he or she is going to run the country for the next five years with policies that make people wet themselves with laughter.

I would vote for that person for sure and as a person with some talent in managing election campaigns, even I would work in that camp as it would by far, be the funniest election experience anyone would ever have.

Al Murray says that he would relieve the UK from the European Union by 2025 and then he would work to take Britain out of the solar system by 2050. He also has made a significant finding that unemployment causes crime and therefore vows to lock up all the unemployed. His most important promise to the electorate is that a pint will be 1p under his reign alongside “a glass of white wine for the lady”. However Mr Murray admits that he can do nothing about the crisps prices therefore they would have to stay the same.

I don’t know if Murray would win or even make a significant existence when election results are announced but I am pretty sure that the people of Thanet South, in Kent, will have the privilege of doorstep stand up shows during Al Murray’s days of canvasing.

Skipping from one side to another on the thin line between funny and serious here, I am pretty sure North Cyprus would be a much happier place with a funny candidate like Murray.

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