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Only Cypriots and Yankees weren't there


It seemed that the whole World was represented in Paris the other day when the World leaders marched arm in arm against terror on the main avenues of the Parisian capital after gathering amongst 1.3 Million people gathered at Republique Square.

The leaders who seemed to prefer not to be there where the Cypriot leaders and the Americans. After reading that the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu didn’t even have a seat on the VİP bus that that was designated for the leader’s transportation and had to wait for another and was dubbed by the Israeli press as an embarrassment, one would imagine that President Derviş Eroğlu or Greek Cypriot President would have to take a cab or walk the whole way to the Elsyee Palace. Both of them having heart conditions wouldn’t make that possible. Smart move Sirs. Stay at home and watch it on telly.

But what was the American’s excuse for not showing up at any level? Ok the US Ambassador to Paris was there; then again, he is always there. He lives there for God’s sake. We heard that the US Attorney General Eric Holder was in the French Capital for the Terrorism Summit however he was nowhere to be seen during the march that followed the summit. The US Secretary of State was in India for some high quality curry on a planned trip, however US President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden didn’t have much on their schedule according to international press and it seems that they just preferred to stay at home and watch the world unite against terrorism on the telly, just like our Cypriot leaders did for other reasons. Come to think of it. If I were an American I wouldn’t have the nerve to show up either.

 I would know that some of the 1,3 Million people would have something to say to me to my face regarding “how the hell the world has come to this point” and they might even remind me of what I have done in the past stirring up the universe for my own benefits. No one likes fingers pointed at them. Especially 1,3 Million of them.

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